We’re here to share our love.

This venture all started because of our baby boy Onyx. Bringing Onyx home was such a joy to our lives, but we quickly found out that the everyday products we used in our home were harmful not only to him but also ourselves. 

Having a love for candles, I use to go to the local market to pick up a handful for a couple of dollars, it was no sweat! Until I realized they were made with unhealthy paraffin and paired with a cotton wick that promoted soot. With these two components working actively together I was burning a petroleum by-product in our home, basically poisoning ourselves with every breath we took. As a mom, I took it upon myself to find the best solution. By using 100%, soy wax paired with a wooden cedar wick, and natural essential oils promoted clean burning. The vibe in the house was eccentric. A home that once filled our lungs with petroleum now filled it with clean air. 

Our body butter and soaps came about in the same fashion, thank you Onyx. When Onyx was about six months old, he started to develop dehydrated skin such as eczema. It was painful to see our baby scratch in his sleep and be irritated because of his skin. I know you're thinking - "Well why not just buy some product that would help?" We did, and it made it worst! So I went on my mom mad scientist rampage again and searched for the best ingredients to pair to create a soap and body butter to help Onyx with his skin. After finding the right combination, his skin is now beautiful and less irritated. 

Our goal is to share the love that we put in our product for our son with the world. Every candle, soap and body butter are handcrafted, and hand poured with love. Not your ordinary love - it's made with copious amounts of mom and dad-